Everyday Entry

Don't underestimate the importance of an organized everyday entrance to your home. This entrance should be neat and functional, making you feel good when you come home. Give coats, keys, mail, shoes, boots and winter-wear items their own place. Coats may be hung on simple hooks with an over-shelf providing storage for smaller items. A coat tree can be an alternative to wall hooks and also provide an interesting vertical element. Attractive baskets on a small table will hold your keys and mail. While removing your coat, a bench is an ideal place to put the grocery bags, purse or briefcase and provides seating while removing boots which can then be stored underneath. In the above home renovation, we devoted a very small amount of space in the kitchen for coats and everyday stuff. We found interesting hooks and built-in the bench with storage beneath it. It is an attractive feature of the room and keeps the stuff contained. Make it easy for your family to keep everyday stuff contained and organized.

Kitchen Basics

Kitchens today are more open to the rest of the home than ever before and can be treated as other rooms by incorporating furniture for storage instead of built-in cabinetry. Furniture is often less costly than cabinetry andprovides the flexibility to change the look of the room more often without a major renovation. Start with the function first then develop the details.

Other quick ideas:

  • Incorporate lamps to soften the lighting.
  • Provide a place for guests to sit when they join you in the kitchen. It will keep them out of your way and will keep you company while you work.
  • Add shelves for cookbooks and displays of dishware; hang pots and pans from the shelf.
  • Put your liquid dish soap in a pretty dispenser and keep on the counter.
  • Put olive oil in a bottle with a spout.
  • Choose durable materials for all surfaces.
  • Bring in a chest for extra storage.
  • Add a small bookcase to stack all of your everyday clutter, like mail, magazines and books to keep the counters clear.

There are many options for kitchen layouts, materials and fixtures. Be sure that you get what you want. Don‚t be swayed by builders, contractors or kitchen showrooms that might try to change your mind. Often, they do this to make it easier for themselves or to up-sell you more products. Knowing what you can afford and exactly what you want will make it far easier to achieve your own unique kitchen.