Major Whole House Remodel

A major home remodel project I've designed is underway. The goal is to create a great room, a master suite, expand the views to the lake, and maximize the landscape around the home.

The badly designed breezeway was removed and new two story structure is being built. To minimize the height of the new entry, the grade will be brought up and landscape stairs will be built. Plantings will be an important element to soften the structure and connect it to the surroundings.

I created a video of the exterior design concept. Click here.

Builder: Cormack Construction Management
Stone Mason: Jim Huston
Landscaping: Belknap Landscaping
Cabinetry: Julie Fergus / American Home Gallery

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This is the starting point: a badly designed and constructed breezeway connects the house and the garage..

Breezeway demolished.

New entry / breezeway framed - the design is taking shape.

The new entry takes shape.

Custom cabinets provided by American Home Gallery being installed.
New stone covers the brick fireplace.
Testing paint colors.
The exterior is taking shape. The landscaping will be very important here.
Antique white cabinets. It is a nice soft color.
Sink centered on window with integrated DW to the right.
Dining room.
Entry. The wall to the right is going to be a gallery with monorail lighting.
Guest bathroom using server for vanity.

Getting ready for the landscape and main staircase.

The entry hall.

The kitchen is place. Appliances and plumbing being hooked up.

Wrought iron hardware.
Kitchen the heart of the home.
Traditional trim and stair details are timeless.
The great room.
Working side of kitchen island. Dining room beyond.

Dining room with natural light.
Dining room with lights on to show the variety of lighting.
Guest bath vanity.
Vanity top follows the shape of the vintage server / vanity.
Powder room.

The hardscape will define the planting areas.

The entry landscaping is taking shape.

The finished landscape.

The finsihed landscape.
The luandry room.

Master bath vanity.

Master bath vanity.

Julie Fergus, ASID is a professional interior / home designer. Her showroom and design studio is American Home Gallery located at 49 Center Street in Wolfeboro, NH. Julie’s design projects have been published in Country Home, Better Homes and Gardens, Yankee and New Hampshire Magazine. To contact Julie visit her website.

Let There be Light!

Good lighting is critical to create beautiful and functional spaces.

Types of lighting:
Ambient lighting is overall illumination of a space, room, or area.
Task lighting illuminates a work-surface or area for reading, working, or playing games.
Accent lighting highlights specific areas, objects, art, or surfaces.
Decorative lighting can be ambient, task, or accent. The decorative light itself becomes an element of the space.

Lighting Dos:
Choose several types of lights to have a variety of options and flexibility.
Provide reading lamps with bright light next to comfy chairs and sofas.
Have lamps with three-way sockets to supply soft, medium or bright light when needed.
Place lights in open spaces on different levels of intensity to create contrast.
Highlight special features or art with accent lighting.
Use dimmer switches to allow you to soften light.

Lighting Don'ts:
Have only or rely on one ceiling fixture with a single bulb in a room. It creates hard shadows.
Have all fixtures illuminated at max wattage at the same time.
Forget how important lighting is.

Placement of fixtures is the starting point to determine lighting needs and solutions. The placement will also dictate the maximum size of fixtures. Be sure to measure your space before you purchase fixtures on-line. Looks are deceiving. You must avoid buying fixtures too big or too small for your space. 

Julie Fergus, ASID, is a nationally published interior designer. Her studio and showroom is located in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. Julie's clients are primarily in the Lakes Region and Mount Washington Valley, however, she will travel throughout the state and North |

The photo above illustrates several lighting types in one space. Track lighting illuminates the hutch and book case. Two three-way lamps flanking the sofa provide enough light for reading. A chandelier over the dining table uses a dimmer switch to provide atmosphere for dining and brighter light for other tasks depending on the activity at the table. Pendant lighting over the counter is task lighting at the surface.

No White Ceilings!

There is NO rule that a ceiling should be white. Ceilings should and need to be treated as the 5th “wall” of a space. The only time when a white ceiling makes sense if there are a lot of white elements in the space, if not, white is wrong.

The interesting aspect of colored ceilings is that rooms adjacent to each other can have different colored ceilings, because typically, the ceiling is not totally visible from one room to another.

I share these photo examples of ideas for your ceilings. Visit our showroom to see the use of color on ceilings.

Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Julie Fergus, ASID, is a nationally published interior designer. Her studio and showroom is located in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. Julie's clients are primarily in the Lakes Region and Mount Washington Valley, however, she will travel throughout the state and North East. |