Custom Treatments

Custom window treatments are desired by clients because they want a unique look or have a very challenging shape or size. When you have a shaped window it is virtually impossible to find something "off the rack" to meet your needs. In this example there is a wall of glass. Walls of glass are great, but if it is your bedroom, it isn't so cozy, especially at night. At nighttime, there is no privacy so there needed to be something. The drapery panel is the right choice for this large space. The fabric added much needed softness to the hard surfaces. I measured and sketched the shape. This allowed me to convey the exact sizes and angles to my fabricators for the custom rod and panels. I chose to use grommets because they controlled the angled panels. Drapery panels serve many purposes: decoration, softness, privacy, light control, UV protection and insulation.

Quality Furniture

Not all leather furniture is created equal. That is why I only specify and sell American Leather furniture to my clients.. American Leather offers a large variety of styles and colors. My favorite pieces are recliners that look like club chairs, as shown in this example. When considering leather furniture, consider the finest quality so your investment will last for decades.

Dated Finishes Need to Go!

Why do you live with dated finishes and decor? If it is for budget reasons then the easiest way to improve the look of dated finishes is with paint. Stained pine trim is basic and can be dull. A fresh coat of white or off-white paint will instantly improve the look and feel of the space. In this example, there is a beautiful view. The stained trim distracted the eye from looking through the windows. Once the trim was painted the space was visually simplified to allow the view to stand out. This is just one of many ways to improve the style of a space.