Planning a Guest Room

When planning a guest room consider two twin beds. This will give you the flexibility to accommodate two singles or one couple. Two beds can be joined with a twin doubler which wraps around the twin mattresses to create a king bed. When using headboards be sure that they are attached to the bed frame to make it easy to slide the beds together. One example has no headboards and uses wall mounted lamps. The second example has upholstered headboards in a square shape so that they fit nicely next to each other.

Simple Flowers

Simple flowers are wonderful. The mix of wild flowers and a vintage ironstone pot are the epitome of country decorating. My own personal decor incorporates painted furniture, ironstone and crystal. The reason why I love it is because of the casual feel it creates when blending elegant and simple. It makes me feel welcome and relaxed. I think it also makes my guest feel welcome too. Forgot the fancy or expensive flowers and look in your yard for wild flowers. Put them in a pretty short container and you have instant color.