Storage Ideas

Chests of drawers and dressers do not have to be limited to the bedroom. Incorporate chests into other rooms for all kinds of storage from linens, games, gadgets, compact discs, videos, food, supplies, hats, gloves and so on. This is a great way to have storage along with a surface to display your collections, framed photos and a place for a lamp.
  • Go vertical! Use the walls for storage. By adding bookshelves vertically you will minimize the spread-out factor. Buy the tallest bookcase possible to maximize floor space.
  • Custom made built-in shelves and cabinets in rooms other than just the kitchen may be just what you need. The money spent on this may keep you from a costly addition and renovation. Bookcases in hallways (if there is room) will optimize that space and remove stuff from other rooms.
  • Consider stock wall cabinetry for storage. This is a great idea for home offices. It provides ample concealed space for typical office clutter.

The photo illustrate how furniture can simplify and organize a small space and provide opportunities for color and interest. When you see piles around your house, think of a piece of furniture that you can add to hide and store your clutter and everyday items.