Designer Insight

Designing for everyday living is rewarding because it improves the quality of my client’s lives. Whether it is designing a beautiful kitchen, picking the right paint color or organizing a laundry room, it is rewarding to me because it improves lives. My clients don’t know that I obsess about their projects. I want them to be happy and when they second guess my ideas and personalized solutions it saddens me. I try to convey that I look out for their best interest, but I don’t think they really believe that. I don’t feel the need to be right or force a design on a client. I just know what the best design is for their space and budget. But they often don’t listen and get focused on the mainstream or ordinary solutions because that is all that they know.

I have been practicing interior design for 19 years and have had projects published in several national magazines (which is highly competitive). I live what I do and yet clients second guess my concepts and want me to illustrate their one and only idea as the best solution. I read and peruse about 12 shelter magazines a month. I have the latest and greatest design and decorating books. I surf websites for product information and design trends. I attend national trade shows and watch HGTV and DIY often. I can visualize interesting and innovative designs in my head and I am extremely flexible to work out all kinds of ideas for clients. A project can not be totally successful until the client trusts me and is open to new ideas. Otherwise it is just another makeover – nothing special. I can make a space special fabulous and functional to the individual client's lifestyle if they will just allow me.