Simplify your Home Interior

Most people have a dream home.  Unfortunately, it is often not the one they live in.  Thinking that you must spend a lot of money to create your own home style is a myth.  The process requires dedication, time and innovation. Defining your style involves an awareness of your space and color preferences, finding images that you like and opening your mind to the possibilities. 
A great way to start the process to achieve your dream home is to simplify. All too often, homes are filled with too much stuff, mostly clutter and too much furniture. By removing furniture, accessories and knickknacks that no longer are of use or in style, you will be on your way to a simplified environment. This is a difficult thing to do because people don’t want to get rid of their stuff or devote the time needed to do so. If you were to tackle one room at a time, you could eliminate boxes of things from your house. Take your unused good items to the Salvation Army or give them to friends who can use them. In most cases, this unnecessary clutter is easily forgotten when it is gone. Once you eliminate all of your unused possessions, you will have much more room to move and the space will be refreshed. The next step will be to make use of what is left.
Create a cozy interior by having soft lighting that creates varying light levels. General overall lighting can be as simple as a torchiere or more permanent as recessed lighting or wall scones. Incorporate a few lamps with different wattage bulbs to create contrast and interest. Always have at least one area in a room where you can sit and read with good lighting.
Furniture placement will affect the visual appeal and function of a room. It is best to minimize the number of pieces in a room. Consider pieces that can perform multi-functions. Such as a chest instead of a table because it will provide you with storage and a place for a lamp. Another example is to have a drop-leaf table that can be opened to accommodate serving drinks, snack and offer a place for doing paperwork.
After you have removed all of your unused stuff, simplified your furnishings and added varying light sources you will have a comfortable and relaxed interior that you can enjoy