Hanging Artwork Tips

All too often, I see artwork in homes that is hung too high. For spaces with 8' ceilings height, it is best to hang art, photos, or mirrors so that the top of the frame is at 72-76" from the floor. This will vary depending on the size and shape of the pieces. The art should be balanced with the furnishings and placed within your eye level.
Here are quick tips:
  • art over a sofa should be proportionate to the size and either one large horizontal piece, or three pieces that create a horizontal visual
  • large vertical pieces work well for spaces with very high ceilings - avoid them if you have a low ceilings
  • group smaller framed pieces to create a block of color and visual
  • avoid hanging pieces on a diagonal
  • if a piece is small, hang it lower so that it balances furniture pieces
  • when hanging multiple pieces in a horizontal row, center the pieces on one another for a staggered top and bottom
Combine art with non-art for visual interest and contrast.

For visual simplify, place one large piece on a wall.

For small pieces, hang them lower than 72" to top so that it will connect with the furnishing below it.

Always try to hang art at the end of a hall or space so that it creates a focal point. Hang horizontal pieces using a common center-line.

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