Furniture Size and Placement

Furniture placement and selection is so important when planning a room. I love this project before and after because it is such a great example of size and placement. This client was anxious to get new furniture for their new house. They went shopping purchased two large leather sofas because that were in-stock and well priced. Once they were delivered my client knew they weren't right. That's when I came to the rescue, sort of. The leather sofas were sold at a loss. We started over with a floor plan then went shopping together to find pieces that would fit in the space. I designed a built-in for the long wall to help with storage. When the new furniture arrived it was a success and everything worked out beautifully. My client invested in a few hours of my time and got exactly what she wanted in the end. This is a great example of why working with a designer can save you money. Instead of spending money on things that you'll have to sell at a loss, spend it on a professional that can lead and assist you in achieving the style and function you want. When you are shopping for new furnishings for your home know the sizes of pieces. The most common mistake is buying pieces too big or tall for a space. Here are tips to help you choose a sofa: do you want bun feet, exposed legs or a skirt? Do you want high arms or low arms? How high do you want the back? Do you like back cushions attached or do you like no cushions and a smooth upholstered back? Do you like two seat sofa or three seat sofa? Once you know that, then start looking at fabric. There are lots and lots of choices. Hone in on what you like and what will work in your space before you go shopping. Have fun and enjoy it.